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demijohn n : large bottle with a short narrow neck; often has small handles at neck and is enclosed in wickerwork

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  1. a large bottle with a short neck and two small handles at the neck; sometimes encased in wickerwork

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This article is about a Scottish food and drink shop. For the glass container used in brewing, see carboy.
Demijohn is a Scottish business with two shops and an internet business started by Captain Angus Ferguson and his wife Frances following his retirement in 2004 from The Black Watch. The name Demijohn comes from the bottles which holds his produce, demijohns or Carboys.
They have shops in Byres Road in Glasgow and in Victoria Street in Edinburgh and an internet business. Their USP is the fact that customers can taste any of the products before they buy. Once they have chosen the products, they can select from a range of bottles.
Demijohn also calls itself "The Liquid Deli".

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